Juliet & Mr. Darcy born on 21 August 2021

If have placed a deposit; you have right of selection based on the order in which your deposit was placed and your preference at time of deposit. Your spot on the wait list has been published on the Upcoming Pairings Page.

Please make your selection within 24 hours of receipt of this link. Submit your selection via email to elizabeth@masterpieceragdolls.com or via text.

If you decide to pass on this litter, your deposit can be used for the next available litter or pairing.

Remember that all kitten colors shown here will darken over time, with the exception of the Blue-Eyed Whites. They will remain white.

The Cast

Every haunted house has a cast of archetypal characters: a Dad, a Mom & their children. This first litter from Juliet surprised us with a not-so-scary litter who will play the parts. Enjoy the show!


Blue Eyed White Male $1,700 – Reserved for Liz D.

This red-collared fella is the largest of the males weighing 29 oz. He’s a sweet, wallowing fellow who plays well with others. He also needs to get out of the Ragdoll House before he eats everything in it.  


Seal Mitted Female $1,500 Reserved for Mom

What a sweet kitten, cuddly and nurturing and deferential. She is smallish, weighing only 20 oz. And her eyes just have us all doting on her. She will sit serenely in the lap of her new family members. She will probably eat as much as a mouse – no imposition whatsoever. 

Blue Eyed White Female $1,700 – Reserved for Sungmin

Black collar kitten weighing 29 oz, this girl is just about the same size as the largest male born of this litter. She holds her own when it comes to play time. She is absolutely stunning – these pictures hardly do her justice!


Blue Eyed White Male – $1,700 Reserved for Susan & Tim

This little fella has been the best of friends with the red-collared boy at the top. They pounce at one another & fall asleep on one another. Watching them grow together has been a so much fun. This boy has quite the pretty face and a nice gaze. He weighs a healthy 27oz.


Blue Eyed White Male $1,700 Reserved for Madjda 

Last, but not least is this soft-spoken BEW male. He hasn’t played quite as hard as the other boys, but he’s still frisky. His fur shows a little crimping which will fluff out when he’s older and is brushed out. He’s going to make a solid lap cat! He wears a green collar & weighs 28 oz. 


Next Steps

After you have made your selection known to us, check out this list of things to do next!

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