Jane Austen & Heathcliff Litter

Jane Austen & Heathcliff Litter

Below are videos of the available kittens from Jane Austen & Heathcliff born on 8 August.

VIEWING TIP: Click on the dotted square in the bottom right half of the video to view at full-screen.

If have placed a deposit; you have right of selection based on the order in which your deposit was placed and your preference at time of deposit. Your spot on the wait list has been published on the Upcoming Pairings Page.

Please make your selection within 24 hours of receipt of this link. Submit your selection via email to elizabeth@masterpieceragdolls.com or via text.

If you decide to pass on this litter, your deposit can be used for the next available litter or pairing.

Remember that all kitten colors shown here will darken over time.


The Cast


Jean Valjean , Seal Point Mitted Male $1,500 Reserved for Davilla


Striking fellow! But an ex-convict. Resourceful, inventive, good-willed, ultimately believes in redemption! He is disciplined: lean and anything but imposing. He watches others carefully, and joins in only after certain he has been invited. He wears purple collar and weighs 15 oz.

Javert, Seal Point Male $1,500 – Reserved for Hannah


A law man, a keeper of the peace, an investigator. He is keen to sniff out a thing! Whatever his flaws are, in the Masterpiece Cattery, they are offset by—and don’t tell him we said this—his roly-poly rotundity! He likes to lay around, be petted (and probably collect his government salary).  He wears a red collar and weighs 18 oz.


Marius, Blue Point Male $1,500 Reserved for Cathy


Often finds himself in the context of a love and war. He makes playful trouble (he’s been caught on camera chewing on his litter mate’s legs.) Don’t let that dissuade you, for he is a romantic! His gaze is a handsome one. And he seemed to enjoy the camera, as he was easy to photograph. He wears a black collar and weighs 20 oz.


Fantine, Seal Point Female $1,500 Reserved for Tayer


A working-class girl, often portrayed as naïve, but she is persevering, and always ready for a song. This girly chirps, but not loudly. In no way, is she an imposition, but rather a lovely independent kitten. Her gaze is clear as you can see. She wears a green collar and weighs 16 oz.


Cosette, Seal Mitted Female $1,500, Reserved for Davilla


Intelligent & brave. A lovely and well-educated young woman, but upon reaching her adolescent years, she has begun to anticipate new adventures. I think you will find her spunky, gregarious, warm-hearted, and amiable. She is perfectly marked & will make a good friend to children & other pets! She wears a blue collar and weighs 16.5 oz.

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