Homecoming 102: A Brief Guide for the Type A Personality

It takes one to know one!

A few days before your kitten is ten weeks old, she will have been evaluated by my veterinarian. Once she is cleared, Elizabeth will make contact with you regarding a pick-up time window. Typically, this will be from Friday to Sunday after the veterinarian visit.

When you go home with your chosen masterpiece, you will take with you the following:

  • A week’s supply of Life’s Abundance All-Stages Cat food
  • A small litter tray with pellet litter
  • A goodie bag with preferred toys and a Free Gift from Life’s Abundance
  • Health Record
  • Immunization & Deworming Record

Dinner Plans

I highly recommend continuing the diet your kitten has been weaned to in our cattery. You can sign up for Life’s Abundance autoship here.

 Why do I recommend it? Two reasons:

  • The all-stages dry cat food is prepared in small-batches containing more crude protein & more crude fat than Royal Cainin ™
  • It’s cheaper per pound. Life’s Abundance knows what their competitors are selling their less-than premium product for and they beat it. I can get behind that!

Kitten Karrier

When you come to the Masterpiece Cattery, please bring a *carrier. Even if you think you’ll cuddle your new kitten all the way home in the car, don’t take any chances with the short commute from cattery to car and car to your front door! Loss is painful no matter what stage of a family pet’s age. **If you forget it & leave it at home, I’ll have one for you!

Your Front Door

Your new baby is leaving his familiar smells, sounds, and sights behind. He’s good-natured & flexible because he’s a Ragdoll cat, right?

But the transition is a big deal. When you cross the threshold, take him directly to his “home room.” This is the place that he can call his refuge–his place of solitude for litter box business, naps, and fine dining (see Dinner Plans above). Leave his carrier there along with anything you bring from Masterpiece Ragdolls Cattery. Provide a cat hammock/scratching post or even just a cardboard box with an old blanket or towel. Maybe his home room is a laundry room or a spare bathroom. But make it his indefinitely. **If you need to move him later, you can do it with caution.

Visit with him in his home room often. Bring him out to explore the house at your leisure, but keep an eye on him as he might not remember where his home room/litter box is. If you have other pets, I highly recommend limiting his exposure to other pets for a period of 3-5 days. I quarantine all of my new incoming kittens for 5 days to save myself from a potential vet visit.

Veterinarian Relationship

Before your kitten has come home, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian of choice. While your kitten has already had two FVRCP vaccinations,  you will need a Rabies vaccination as early as 12 weeks. There are other non-core vaccines available. It’s also just a good idea to get an exam/second opinion of your kitten. Establishing a relationship with your pet’s doctor goes a long way towards feeling confident about caring for your ragdoll kitten.

Don’t Worry!

I know, I know: I’m a worrier too. I get it. But here’s the truth: you didn’t acquire a ragdoll kitten because you’re not a cat person. You are! You got this. Know that the following is true:

Your kitten will:

  • Bond with each of your loving family members
  • Use the new litter box
  • Eat when she’s hungry, drink when she is thirsty

For any aberrant behavior, there are a multitude of answers on google. Do the google search, but resist the temptation to believe the worst thing you find. Usually runny poop is simply the result of anxiety and sometimes a little probiotic powder sprinkled on her food will solve the problem.

But if it doesn’t, give me a call. I’m here for you after the sale – always. I won’t have all the answers, but I’ll have some. And I care as much as you do about the success of your Masterpiece!


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