You can. I mean, it is not that hard.

All you need is:

Spare rooms with “bodily fluid-resistant” finishes

Auto-shipments of litter, toys & treats, kitten kibble and kans, catnip, pheromone-mimicking spray & diffusers…

And long haired cat brushes, milk replacement for kittens (just in case!), velcro collars to remind you who’s who, and who goes to which home…

An infant scale to track weight gain, probiotics, dewormer, syringes, litter boxes in small, medium and large…

Cat condos, scratching posts and well-hung perches or hammocks (don’t forget to use the stud-finder before drilling into the sheetrock!)…

Toddler-proofed Isolation spaces for labor and delivery or contagion…

Gallons of enzymatic cleaners and spray bottles and paper towels and disposable gloves.

The equivalent of an associates’ degree in biology (punnett squares, protozoa vs bacteria, white spotting factor, homozygous vs. heterozygous

And know your acronyms: HCM, PKR, FVRCP, FIV, FIP, FeLV, URI, UTI

Canned pate for kittens, canned kibble for cats, specialty food for the GI-distressed ragdoll cat: hydrolyzed protein anyone???

Muscles for 40lb-bags of Dr. Elsy’s Precious Cat Litter

Paper Money! Pedigree orders and registration fees for TICA, a well-intentioned, but not-so-well-oiled machine

DNA testing: Can you swab carefully, the interior of a cat’s mouth?

A verified Paypal/Venmo/ApplePay/Zelle account

A Facebook account, an Instagram account, a YouTube account, a web domain & hosting

A reputable breeder who will trust you with breeding rights, and mentor you.

A feline veterinarian whom you trust (and who trusts you)

A virile, well-pedigreed sire and at least three unaltered dams.

Time, business acumen, a love of animals, and a love for people. Client care will extend beyond the purchase agreement and the exchange of funds and kittens. They will ask you everything and you will want to answer them.

Are you ready to work?

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