Dear Families in Waiting

I hope you all had a happy holiday season and have weathered the recent climate and COVID-related challenges well. This time in our lives is characterized only by change, it seems.

I feel a bit out of touch with you so I wanted to provide an update. Normally I would do this via email but as many of you know, we experienced a data loss, specifically email.

Firstly, thank you for your trust in Masterpiece Ragdolls. Your commitment to us is valued and we take it seriously.

Secondly, we have some updates! First the bad news..

The Bad News.

I misdiagnosed Juliet. She tricked me into thinking she was pregnant. She was gaining weight after “relations” but she entered a cycle during the first week in January, so we begin her countdown anew. Around February 10, we will weigh her.

The Good News.

Mary Cassatt is wobbling along with a full belly. Her due date is January 18 so we begin watching when she stops eating as much. Right now, she’s gobbling at full speed. She’s also the most confident, pleasant young lady.

Flannery O’Cattery is due mid-February (if I’ve math’d correctly, February 9).

Ruth is due shortly after Flannery so the race is on. Place your bets on my calculations of February 13.

Edith Wharton is in her first cycle (1/7/22) so Romeo is a happy fella!

Other News

As you may know, we are a military family nearing the end of our travels. Eric is eligible for retirement 2023. We have decided Washington is the place we will call home. This is a major life event for us as we are so used to packing and unpacking every two-point-five years.

We are under contract for a home in Olympia. It promises a better life for the ragdolls and our family. The property is on  ample acreage and has 1000 SF of finished cozy space across the courtyard. When all is finalized, we will notify Google and you will be able to find us on Google maps. Scroll down for photos!

On a personal note, I am thrilled as this will allow me to garden, compost, and raise chickens! Green space and animals bring a richness to life that nothing else can.

The actual moving process will begin mid-February. My goal is to keep you updated on litter deliveries and health, but please have a little patience with me as I am still just a small cattery owner/operator and a mom of two.

If ever you feel like you can’t wait for a photo update, text me – that’s the quickest way to get a response and I’ll get right on it! I know how exciting it is to anticipate your new family member!


The New Ragdoll Cattery Space

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  • IMG 9051
  • IMG 9052

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