Ragdoll Kittens in Washington

Born on Sunday 28 March 2021

Anticipated Acquisition Date

2-6 June 2021

Below are pictures of the available kittens from Jane Austen & Cinnamink.  If have placed a $200 deposit; you have right of selection based on the order in which your deposit was placed. Your spot on the wait list has been published on the Upcoming Pairings Page

Please make your selection within 24 hours of receipt of this link. Submit your selection via email to elizabeth@masterpieceragdolls.com.

If you decide to pass on this litter, your deposit can be used for the next available pairing. You may be placed behind those who have already placed deposits on those litters.

Remember that all kitten colors shown here will darken over time.

Mr. Bingley – Seal Lynx Mink $1,700 RESERVED for Kimberly

Jane Austen’s Mr. Bingley is wealthy, agreeable, pleasant, optimistic, generally excited about living. This kitten is equal parts floppy and playful. He can be found at the bottom of the heap and at the front of the line to be both fed and petted. Beneath that fur, he is wearing a blue collar. At 5 weeks, he weighed a chunky 19.5 oz. 

  • IMG 1603 e1673557557565
  • IMG 1610

Mr. Bennett – Traditional Seal Mitted Lynx Male $1,500.00 RESERVED – Emily & Josh

Jane Austen’s Mr. Bennet was known for his long-suffering, patience, sense of humor, and loyalty. This Mr. Bennet shares similar qualities. He may have been the last to be born, but his seems to be the oldest soul. He watches the others carefully before joining his brethren in the shenanigans. Of the entire litter, pink collar-bedecked Mr. Bennet is the most lappy of the lap-cats. Beneath his white neckline of fur, he sports a pink collar. At the five week mark, he weighed a substantial 19 oz.

Mr. Wickham – Seal Mitted Mink Male $1,700.00 – RESERVED for Elda

Jane Austen’s Mr. Wickham is handsome and debonair, but prone to a wayward disposition. It is the firm belief of this cattery that he will not be prone to develop such tendencies should he be chosen by a loving family! Currently this kitten is both frisky and docile. his cocked-to-the-side head is one of his most adorable features. Second to that are his mitts. He is often first to the dinner plate alongside his mink chums. Nearly invisible because of his bushy beard, Wickham wears a tan collar. He weighs 18 oz at the five week mark – a very good weight, indeed.

George Knightly – Traditional Seal Mitted Lynx Male $1,500 RESERVED: LAUREN & BRYANT

Jane Austen’s Mr. Knightly is a gentleman of high moral character. He is patient, friendly, and wise. He knows when it is time for play, but more importantly, when it is the time for cuddles. He is a low-maintenance feline; he exudes gentleness. Masterpiece has high expectations of his color and pattern. His eyes will shine blue and his lines will deepen over time making a clean lynx of himself! Beneath his bushy beard, George wears a brown collar. At five weeks, he is the smallest of the kittens weighing 17 oz – still a substantial weight!