Litter Selection: Brynn & Hamer

Ragdoll Kittens in Washington

Born on 29 April 2021

Anticipated Acquisition Date

4-5 July 2021

Below are pictures of the available kittens from Lady Brynn & Hamer. If have placed a $200 deposit; you have right of selection based on the order in which your deposit was placed. Your spot on the wait list has been published on the Upcoming Pairings Page

Please make your selection within 24 hours of receipt of this link. Submit your selection via email to

If you decide to pass on this litter, your deposit can be used for the next available pairing. You may be placed behind those who have already placed deposits on those litters.

Remember that all kitten colors shown here will darken over time.

Charlotte Bronte, Female – Seal Point Mink $1,700 – RESERVED for Emily & Josh

Miss Charlotte’s darkness in no way mirrors her most pleasant demeanor. This aqua-eyed mink ragdoll kitten appears to be the more outgoing of the sisters. But, it is unclear if gregariousness is a point of personality or her more balanced physique which enables her nimbleness. Occasional comments have been made that she appears not as a kitten, but as a teddy bear. We believe this to be a compliment of the highest degree. At seven weeks, she weighs a respectable 24.5 oz. 

Emily Bronte, Female – Blue Point $1,700 Reserved for Conch

Emily was initially misunderstood. It was first thought she was a boy, but that was due to an erroneous first “reading” on the part of the Cattery’s Lady of the House. Such confusion is often the case when one is viewing from such wuthering of heights.

This young lady maintains a serious expression, yet beneath such glare is quite the humor. Her fur is dense, her eyes are of the bluest sort, and her rotund midsection shows she certainly has not gone without a meal.  At seven weeks & five days, Miss Emily weighs a voluptuous 26.5 oz. 

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