Breeder’s Rights

There a few rights which a client should be aware of.

The breeder reserves the following rights:

  1. To cancel a reservation & return deposit(s) placed.

It isn’t often that this is necessary. In fact, it is rare. However, the breeder’s right to cancel a reservation and deposit is a necessary stipulation for a myriad of reasons including loss of sires and dams. A loss of one could cause a significant loss in supply. Other situations may arise in which cancellation/refund is required.  The decision to cancel is at the breeder’s sole discretion.

  1. To hold back a kitten due to its breeder potential or an underlying condition.

It is customary the breeder to have first pick of his/her own litter. Typically this occurs when a kitten of breeder/show quality is produced. The kitten may be retained by the breeder in order to further the breeding program. In that case, the kitten will not be made available for sale.

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