Willa CatHer

Willa CatHer

Willa CatHer is a sepia, which is the product of a mink sire and mink dam. The result is a rich, warm, luxurious coat. Eye color can range from aqua to green. Here, Willa CatHer has chocolate points (ears, paws, and tail). Willa carries Cinnamon Dilute.

Willa is crafty, curious. She seems always to be scheming. But make no mistake, when she’s not ambitiously learning, she can be just as lazy as all the rest.

Willa Cather is most happy cuddling.



Heathcliff & Willa CatHer – this is a good example of seal point (left) vs. chocolate point (right).
The bicolor in the background is seal.

Flannery O’Cattery & Willa CatHer

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