MasterpieceRags The Vicar

The Vicar

We are proud to have made Vicar here at Masterpiece Ragdolls.

For those who follow our story, he is the lovechild of Edith & Heathcliff. Vicar inherited his father’s dopey expression and rich seal color. From his mother, he received her longer, wispy fur. As a mink, he has a cobby body – stocky, shorter legs.He carries dilute which enables him, if paired with a blue carrier, to also make blue pointed kittens in both traditional (blue eyed ragdolls) and minks. A blue mink is absolutely stunning.

Mink v. Traditional Ragdolls

As a seal mink, The Vicar cannot accumulate points in the show ring. He cannot title. The TICA Ragdoll breed committee has not permitted mink ragdolls that status as there are physical features which make it unreasonable to judge them in the same class as a traditional ragdoll.

Despite this division, we have chosen to continue breeding minks because of The Vicar’s temperament.

He is a lap cat, a clever cat, a gentle play thing, and he makes us all smile. He carries the “mink gene” found in the Burmese, but he also carries the Siamese found in the traditional ragdoll. He is every bit as floppy and placid as WillowTreeRags Mr. Bennett, our traditional stud.