Romeo of Masterpiece Ragdolls

Romeo of Masterpiece Ragdolls


Romeo, Romeo

Romeo, born 4 November 2020, comes to Masterpiece Ragdolls all the way from Moscow!

He is a blue bicolor. As he approaches his first birthday, he is 15 lbs.

Romeo is Heathcliff’s uncle. Odd given, he’s so much younger, but Romeo’s father is a fruitful king at ElviusDolls in Russia.

Color Note:

“BLUE” is dilute of seal (which to us looks like black).

Romeo’s points and mask will grow darker gray as the years pass.

We look forward to matching him with Blue Mitted Mink Brynn around the late fall of 2021 for some truly stunning ragdoll kittens.

Romeo as a kitten

Because Romeo came to us from so far away we relied on his breeder from Russia. The language barrier was only a small problem, but I found the breeder forthcoming and helpful. She updated us regularly and she helped me learn the process of importing a kitten. It was indeed a learning experience and we would do it again!