MasterpieceRags Evadne

MasterpieceRags Evadne

Poor Evadne. (hint it’s an anagram, and the answer is a bit esoteric.)

Evadne deserves a better photo session. I led with the one with her tongue out because she just doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s a goof ball. She’s Mary Cassatt’s daughter. 

What I find most lovely is her coat texture. We will help her create kittens with a less dopey look (forgive me, Evadne) when we allow her conjugal visits w/ Mr. Bennett. We can expect kittens from her spring 2023. All will be seal bicolor. The cattery goal is to improve upon the mother and the father’s structure. Evadne will see more moderation and balance in her kitten & so will you. What is notable is personality: confidence, cuddliness, zero anxiety. All of this leads to healthy family pets.


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