Yup. He’s always this sweet.

Heathcliff is a Seal Mink Colorpoint with aqua eyes.

He will reach maturity in the summer of 2021. His disposition and mink coat will make him quite the lady’s man. I know I’m not supposed to say this: Heathcliff is quite possibly my favorite of the ragdolls because of his fat, lazy, sweet demeanor. He comes to us from Moscow, Russia (ElviussDolls).

What’s the difference between a mink and a traditional ragdoll? Essentially coat softness. Mink ragdolls have thicker and sometimes softer coats. The only drawback to a mink is that the eyes tend to be more green.  And for those who show ragdolls, the mink is not considered show-quality. They don’t meet the criteria (blue eyes); however, there are plenty of ragdoll experts out there working diligently to add the green-eyed mink to the accepted trait list. After all, Ms. Ann Baker herself bred minks.


Heathcliff often finds himself in precarious circumstances of which he is unable to get out!



Just so FLUFFY!