Fuzzybunz Celie of MasterpieceRags

Fuzzybunz Celie of MasterpieceRags

Celie is a lilac mitted traditional ragdoll. What drew me to her was her eye color. She has deep blue eyes which is a bit challenging to get when you dabble in chocolate and lilac. These diluted coat colors often dilute the eye color, but Celie is immune to such a loss. Below are her kitten pictures (around 11 weeks):


Secondly, her size is quite respectable. The ragdoll breed as a whole is suffering from a loss in size. Ragdoll cats are not shrinking. Many breeders are choosing to breed for consumer color/pattern preferences. For example, the uptick in consumer demand for blue point bi-color, means that breeders are more inclined to breed for cosmetic traits rather than type (features: strong profile, ear set, size & structure). This is unfortunate. We should be aiming for temperament, health, and type (structure/size).

Ceilie is tall, long, and has large boning. She is paired with a more moderately typed stud in order to improve upon her angular features. Her temperament is just lovely. She is a lap cat.

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